Editor overview

When create assignment or defining feedback you provide text. Although this text editor might seem very simple, it is actually extremely powerful. Quarterfall does not use a WYSIWYG editor because those tend to limit and slow-down the user. Instead we opted for an extended version of Markdown. While you type your text you can use Markdown for formatting, adding formulas and programming code, including images, videos, diagrams, and other external content, and so on. You can always see a preview of what you create. 

This Markdown text can be used in study material, in questions, in solutions, in feedback, and so on. So you can for example include a video in the solution or have a multiple choice question in which the choices are images or diagrams.

Files that you include can be stored on the web or you can attach them to the assignment. The second way is recommended as this guarantees that the file will remain available in the future. When you copy assignments, also these files are copied. 

Here you can find more information about the following topics:

  • Basic formatting. This includes bold and italic style, headings, bullet lists, links, and so on.
  • Tables. It is easy to include simple tables in you texts.
  • Programming code. You can easily add programming code in various programming languages, that use syntax highlighting.
  • Formulas and equations. It is trivial to add complicated formulas to you texts.
  • Images. You can show images in various ways. This can either be images you upload or images from external sources.
  • Videos. We support videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.
  • Presentations. You can add PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, and more.
  • Files. You can add all sorts of files, like pdf files, svg files, code files, and text files.
  • Google document. You can include documents created with Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheets.
  • Charts and diagrams. You can use a built-in chart system and use Mermaid for diagrams. Also Google Sheets and Google Drawings can be used to create charts and diagrams and place them in the text.
  • Others external content. There is a generic mechanism to add other external content, like audio players, web sites, and chat apps.
  • Downloading files. You can easily add a button in your text to allow students to download a file that you attached to the assignment.


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