Including external content

Quarterfall makes it very easy to include videos, images, presentations, documents, drawing, and so on in your assignments. If you want to include external content that is not directly supported, you can use an iframe. An iframe is an area in the page where some other webpage or file is shown. The content of an iframe is completely independent of the Quarterfall page. For example, to include the Quarterfall website you can write:


To include a player that plays a piece of music from SoundCloud you can write

size: 300X150

This is built up as follows:

  • The first line consists of three backquotes, followed by the work iframe, to describe the type of block.
  • Next there is the url that points to the content that must be shown in the block. You can actually also indicate a label to show the content of an attached file in an iframe.
  • This can be followed by some options (see below).
  • And the block is ended by three backquotes.


The following options exist:


Let us look at some examples.


To include a website you simply use the url of the website. Like in the example with the Quarterfall website given above. Note that not all websites allow display inside an iframe. For example, you cannot include Facebook or Slack directly in an iframe.


If you want to include some piece of sound or music, you can use SoundCloud. After creating an account you can upload sound files for free. To include it, go to your piece of sound and press the Share button below it. Next select Embed at the top. You will get a piece of code that looks something like this:

<iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>

You must remove all the frame information and only keep the part after the scr= (without the double quotes). So the part starting with https and ending with visual=true. Note that there also are a lot of options you can change in the url.

In a similar way you can e.g. embed a Spotify track.


Prezi is an online presentation tool. (It is not free!) To embed one of your presentations you need to get the view link of it.  For information on how to get this, see the Prezi help. You can now embed the presentation as follows:

url: your_view_link/embed

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