How to enroll students in your course

Now that you created your first course and added some nice assignments, it is time to let students make the assignments. In this tutorial we will show you how to enroll students in your course, how you can monitor their progress, and how you can assess their work. As an example, we will use the demo course that Quarterfall automatically creates for you. But you can of course use any other course you are working on.

Enrolling students

Students cannot register themselves for following courses. You, as a teacher, are in control here. You must indicate what students are allowed to make the assignments in your course.

Go to the home page and click on the demo course (or your own course) to open it. In the panel at the left there is an item called Users. Here you maintain all people involved in your course, like other teachers, teaching assistants and, of course, students. Click on it to open the users page. You will see a list of all users. Initially, it will contain just you as the course administrator.

To add students (and other users) to your course, press the button Add users. You can now add email addresses of students, as follows:

Make sure you set the role to Student. You can type in multiple email addresses, separated by a comma. The separate addresses are shown below the input filed, and you can remove them if you want by clicking the close icon. Press Add to enroll the students in the course.

Note: You cannot add yourself as a student as you are already the course administrators. People can have just one role in a course. They can though have different roles in different courses. So e.g. a student can be Student in one course, and Checker in another. In this tutorial I will use for testing the email [email protected] Most mailers allow such extensions (with the + symbol) to email addresses.

You will now get an overview of the students in your course:

Note the filter at the top. Here you limit the view to users with a particular role. You can also use the search field to find users with a particular name or email. Note that the first and last name of some students have not yet been filled in. The reason is that these students have not yet been registered. If they already registered for an earlier course, the data will be filled in.

The student

Once you enrolled new students (or other users), they will automatically get an email, telling them to activate their account, together with a link to do so. When they click the link they will be shown a form where they can register.

They are asked to provide their first and last name and a password. They can then activate their account. Once they do this, their first and last name are shown in your student overview (you might need to refresh the page to see this). 

Note: If you are testing this yourself, you might get some problems because you are logged in under your teacher account and at the same moment login as a student. Quarterfall remembers your last login, so e.g. once you login as a student, you can no longer access your teacher dashboard, unless you login again as a teacher. One easy way to test both at the same moment is to login as a student in an incognito browser window.

The student will now see the following his or her home page. It shows the courses the student is involved in together with some basic progress information. Active courses are always shown. The student can indicate whether to also show courses that have been past (where the work and the assessments can be inspected), future course that have not yet started, and courses that the student completed.

Note that at the top right it is indicated that the student got some notifications. A notification is for example sent to the student when he/she got enrolled in a new course. When the student clicks the cours he/she gets an overview of the various modules in the course:

Initially, only little information per module is shown. But if the student progresses, more information will become available, like start and end dates, whether there is feedback from the teacher, and so on. When the student clicks Make Assignments, the list of assignments in the module is shown:

Assignments can be optional or mandatory. Mandatory assignments are always shown. At the top the student can indicate whether or not to also show the optional material, and whether to show the assignment he/she already completed. The student can now pick an assignment to make, or press the Make next assignment button to make the next assignment. Let us click this button to make the first assignment.

An assignment consists of multiple steps. These correspond to the blocks when you created the assignment. The steps are shown at the left. This assignment contains some study material and a multiple choice question. The third step is always there. It asked the student to review the assignment. See below for more information.

At the right the current step is shown. At the top there is the introduction to the assignment (if any). This remains visible through all the steps. As this first step is just some study material, the student should read the text and then complete the step. Each step has a button to complete it and go to the next step. So better click that button now. This leads to the following step:

Here the student must answer a rather simple multiple choice questions. After giving an answer, press the complete button. The solution is now shown (if any) and the student can move to the next step. This leads to the final step:

Here the student is asked to give an indication of the difficulty and usefulness of the assignment. Also comments can be provided. This will help you as a teacher to improve the assignments. Finally, the student must submit the assignment, after which the assignment is done and the teacher can see the result and assess it (see below).

On the module overview it is now indicate that the assignment has been completed and that one out of six mandatory assignments have been made.

The student can continue making assignments this way. Let's make all assignments in the first module.

Watching progress

Let us now return to the teacher dashboard and go to the students page of the course. In the list you will now see the first and last names of the students that completed their registration. Behind the students there is an icon to view the progress of the students. 

In the current version of Quarterfall, progress means that you can inspect the submissions of students. In the near future we will give much more extensive progress information, that can be accessed here.

Press that icon for the student that made the assignments (probably your student alias). This brings you to the Assessment part. (You can also go here by pressing Assessment in the panel at the left. However, then you see all submissions. If you click the icon behind the student you will only see the submissions of that student.) 

You will now see all submissions of assignments by this student. Note the filter at the top. Here you can define all sorts of filters to e.g. show submissions of particular assignments, modules, or students. You can also sort them by clicking on the column headers. You can watch each of the assessments by clicking on it. Select the first assignments (which is probably at the bottom of the list as it was submitted the longest ago). Here you can see some global information about the assignment, information about when it was submitted and how much the student spend on it. And you can see the review given by the student. 

Below this information, there is the question texts, the answers by the student, the solutions, and the feedback given (if any). You can use the filters at the top to hide certain information. Now scroll to the bottom.

Here you can provide some assessment for the student. You can give a rating, provide some comments and give a sticker, by pressing the symbol at the bottom. As the answer is wrong, we better give a negative assessment, as follows:

In the future, Quarterfall will include a much more extensive mechanism for providing assessments. But simple ratings, comments, and stickers already help the students considerably and stimulate them to do good work. Now let's go back to the student dashboard, to see how this is presented. First of all, the student will get a notification that an assessment has been made of his or her work. 

If the student goes to the module overview, the sticker is shown in the assignment, and it is indicated that the teacher has provided some assessment.

The student can now view the submission, and at the top see the rating and comments given by the teacher.

Well done

You now know how to enroll students in your course, how to watch their progress, and how to give feedback on their work. 

Note that Quarterfall is extended all the time. In the near future we will in particular extend the system with which to can inspect and analyse the progress and work of the students. When new features are made available, this tutorial will be updated.

We have a number of other tutorials for you, to help you get the most out of Quarterfall.

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