We prepared a number of tutorials for you, to get you familiar with Quarterfall and its features. You can select the tutorials from the list below.

  • How to create your first course. In this tutorial we show you how to create your first course with assignments for students to make.
  • How to create assignments. Assignments are the core of Quarterfall. In this tutorial you will learn how to create assignments with open questions and multiple choice questions, and how to define automatic feedback for these. 
  • How to enroll students in your course. Once you created your first course with a number of assignments, we demonstrate here how to enable your students to make the assignments in the course.
  • How to include images, videos, and much more. Quarterfall makes it easy to include all sorts of content in your assignments. In this tutorial you learn how this works.
  • How to create code questions. In code questions, students must provide a piece of code in a particular programming language. Quarterfall makes it very easy to automatically check whether the answer of the student is correct. In this tutorial you learn how to do this.

The list of tutorials will be extended when new major features are added to Quarterfall.

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