Archiving courses

When a course is over you can archive it. Once a course is closed students can no longer make assignments in the course and the teacher can no longer edit it. To archive a course, go to the course settings and click on the button Archive course. Alternative you can use the drop-down menu in the course card on the home page.

Note: An archived course can no longer be re-opened. So make sure all students are indeed finished with the course. Archiving a course will set the end date to the archiving moment.

Archived courses are default not shown on your home page. To show them, use the checkbox Archived courses. Archived course still have some limited functionality. You can view them (both the content and the students) but you cannot change them anymore. You can also inspect the result reports and the analytics of the students.

The most important action you can still take is to duplicate an archived course. This is for example important when you teach the same course the next year again. To this end, go the course card of the archived course on the home page and from the drop-down menu select Duplicate. You can change the title and a copy is placed in the list of open courses. All course content (including the deadlines) is copied but the students and other users are not copied. You can now adapt the course if you want and add new students to it. You can also copy individual modules or assignments from a closed course to an open course. 

Note that students can always see the archived courses. For students there is no distinction between open and archived courses. However, an archived course is always closed so it will be listed as a past course for students.

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