Feedback actions

In a feedback action you provide certain feedback when a  condition is true. The condition is a Boolean expressions that can refer to various data related to the student and the exercise, such as the answer that the student filled in or data produced by previous actions .For example, you could write a condition that checks whether the answer is 24:
answer == 24
and give corresponding feedback. Each condition also has a Stop on match setting. If you enable this setting, no further actions are performed after the current action if the condition is met. This can for example be used to have default feedback when all other conditions fail. For more information, see the documentation on conditions.
The feedback is a text field and allows for basic formatting like using headings, using bold and italic, and making lists. Also you can easily include links and add formulas. If you want to add program code in the solution, use the instructions on adding programming code to text fields. When multiple feedback actions exist all the valid feedbacks are shown (unless using stop on match).
The feedback is also added to an array feedback in the Quarterfall object and can be used in other actions.

Text substitutions

In the feedback text you can substitute the value of the variables in the Quarterfall object by placing them between {{ and }}. So for example, you could write as feedback:

Dear {{user.firstName}}, your answer {{answer}} is not correct.

No functions or formulas are allowed here, just the variable names. We support most of the possibilities of the Handlebars.js library. There are a few particularities. Notably, when the variable is an array you cannot use {{name[0]}} but must use {{name.[0]}}, with an extra dot in-between.

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