Doing assignments

If you reached the assignment through a direct link in Quarterfall ONE, better check this help page.

You reach an assignment through your student dashboard.In the screen, at the left you see some information about the assignment and a list of the different parts of the assignment. It is also indicated if this assignment will be graded. You are strongly recommended to make all the questions in the given order, although most of the time, you can select any part by clicking on it.

If the assignment has an introduction, it is shown at the top. This will remain visible while you make the questions. Below it you see the first question to make. This can also be study material.

  • Study material This will be a text, possibly including videos to watch and document or presentations. It can also contain a download button to download certain material you need for the assignment. Carefully study it and then press the button to complete it to go to the next question.

Questions all contain a description, followed by an answer field. There are currently five types of questions:

  • Open question. Here you can formulate your answer in your own words. Some open questions only allow a numerical answer. 
  • Multiple choice question. Here you must indicate the correct answer. When there are round radio buttons, only one answer can be given. When there are square check marks you can give multiple answers.
  • Code question. Here you are asked to provide some code in a particular programming language. Note that you can use our sophisticated editor that for example does syntax highlighting. You can also create the code in your own editor and then copy it to the answer field. Note that the answer might contain a template to help you. Better not change the template.
  • Database question. Here you are asked to provide some SQL queries for a particular database query.
  • File upload question. Here you are asked to upload a file, for example a paper you wrote or a programming project.

Checking your answer

For some questions you can automatically check your answer and get feedback. This feedback is very important as it will help you understand what you did right or wrong. Quarterfall has an extensive system of automatic feedback generation that your teacher can use. You will not only see whether your answer is correct (e.g. for multiple choice questions) but also get information about why it is correct or wrong (assuming the teacher provided this). For code questions unit tests might be run to verify whether your code was correct and you are presented with the results. For database questions you might see the results of the queries in a table.

Based on the feedback you can change your answer and check it again. When the assignment is graded, it is not possible to check your answer.

To check your answer, press the button Check Answer. (This might not exist for all questions.) The feedback is then given. Note that also the number of attempts is shown. The feedback might depend on this. You must check your answer before you can complete the question.

Completing questions

Once you are happy with your answer, press the button Complete to finalize it. After this you can no longer change it. This is indicated with a check mark in the list of questions at the left. When available, at this moment also a solution is shown. Look at the solution to see how well you did, and then press Next to go to the next question. 

Review and submit

In the last step, you are asked to give a quick review of the assignment. You can indicate how difficult you found it and whether you thought it was useful. Also you can give a comment. This information is given to the teacher such that he/she can improve the assignment if required.

Finally, you should press the button Submit assignment. (This button is only active when all questions have been completed and you provided a review!) This finalizes the assignment. The teacher will now be able to see your work, grade it, and/or give some comments. Once a grade or such comments are available this is indicated in the list of assignments and you get a notification. You can go back to the assignment (using the original link or through you student dashboard) to inspect your work, the feedback, the solution, and teacher comments and assessment.

Graded assignments

Some assignments are graded, that is, you will get a grade for it. This is clearly indicated. Graded assignments work slightly different. There is no button to check your answer. Also, there is no button to complete a question. Instead you can press Next to go to the next question. You can still change your answers until you submit the complete assignment. Solutions to questions are never shown.

Once the teacher has graded your assignment you get a notification. You can go back to the assignment (using the original link or through you student dashboard) to see the grade and comment the teacher might have given.

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