Student dashboard

This information is not relevant if you do assignments through a direct link.

You can use Quarterfall to do assignments to train and improve your skills and knowledge. Sometimes your teacher uses assignment in Quarterfall to evaluate and grade your work. Assignments are grouped in modules which are grouped in courses. Your teacher/school will enroll you in certain courses. From that moment on you have access to these courses in your dashboard. Here you can do and submit the assignments and monitor your progress.

To get to your student dashboard and your courses, you must sign in. If this is the first time you use Quarterfall you have received a mail with information on how to complete your account. If not, contact your teacher. If you are a student at multiple organization (departments, institutes), you can change the organization in the avatar menu at the top-right to see the corresponding courses.

In the student dashboard there is a list of courses you are involved in. You can always go to this page by choosing the Home icon on the top bar. You will always see all active courses you are involved in. You can indicate in the filters whether you also want to see other courses:

  • Past courses. These are courses you did in the past. You can view your work but you can no longer make assignments.
  • Future courses. These are courses you are enrolled in, but they have not started yet, so you cannot access them.
  • Completed courses. These are active courses for which you completed all assignments.

Each course card shows some information about the course and your progress. The course can have a start and end date. You can only make assignments in the course between those dates. Click on the course you want to make and you will be shown an overview of the modules in it. You can pick the module you want to work on and do assignments in it.

When you are a teaching assistent for a course, that course is also shown here, with an indication of your role. If you click on it you are brought to the page where you can perform assessments of students work.

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