When a student has completed an assignment he/she submits it. From this moment on the student can no longer change the answers. After an assignment is submitted, a report of the work can be inspected by both the student and the teacher. 

The teacher can see the report of the submissions by selecting the submission in the Assessment page. The report contains the following information. 

At the top there is some global information about the submission. In particular, the name of the student, assignment, and module and when it was submitted. We also show an estimate of the time the student spend on the assignment. 

Below this you can see the evaluation the student gave. This includes the perceived difficulty, whether the student found the assignment useful, and an option text he/she provided.

Next you see the questions and answers provided by the student Also the automatic feedback is shown. You can use the filter at the top to show or hide part of this information. That can speed up assessment.

Finally, the teacher (or checker) can provide feedback to the student. You can also provide a star rating (1-5 stars) to rate the answers of the student. Also there is a comment field that you can fill in. Finally, a teacher can give the student a "sticker" for the answer to the assignment. This sticker is shown in the list of (completed) assignments for the students. This is a very fast and funny way to provide feedback on the work. You can choose from a number of positive and negative stickers, like thumbs-up/down and various smileys. The student is notified that feedback has been provided and can inspect these when looking at the assignment.

Redoing the assignment

Sometimes you might want to ask the student to redo the assignment. In the comment section, there is a menu at the right. Here there are two options. You can  Reopen the assignment. The student must then redo it. His/her current answers are kept. The second option is the Delete the submissions. In this case also the student must redo it, but now the answers are erased.

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