Adding students

To enroll student in a course, go to the course page and select the Students sub-page in the left panel. You will now see a list of students enrolled in the course. To add students, click on Add Students. You can now provide a comma separated list of email addresses. If these students already have a Quarterfall account the course will be added to their account and they will get a notification. If not, an account will be created for them and an email is sent to ask them to complete that account. In the list of students, at the right there is an icon to resent the invitation email in case it gets lost or the student does not react. Pro tip: you can paste email addresses into the Add Students dialog directly from a column in Excel, so no manual email address typing is needed!

All added students will appear in the list and can now make assignments in the course. You can click the view submissions icon behind the students' name to view their submissions and assess their work. There is also an icon here to see analytics information about the student. You can select students and press the delete icon in the top to remove them from the course. Be careful though. When you remove them all their progress and submissions will be removed.

Archiving courses

Courses can be open, closed, or archived. In open courses student can make assignments. When the end date for the course is passed, the course becomes closed. It can still be seen by the students and the teacher but assignments can no longer be made. The teacher can re-open a closed course by changing the end date. Once the course is finished you can archive the course. Archived courses can no longer be re-opened.  For more information see the document on archiving courses. When you teach the courses again, make a duplicate of it and enroll the new students.

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