Preview and testing assignments


While creating assignments you probably want to check how the students will see them and you might want to try them out to see whether they respond the way you intend. This is very easy in Quarterfall. At the bottom of the left panel in the assignment editor there is a button Try it out. If you click this button a new tab is opened in your browser in which you can make the assignment in exactly the same way as the student sees it. The url for this contains a long code, so others cannot try the assignment unless you give them the url.


Whenever you are editing a part of an assignment, to the right a preview is given. This preview immediately updates while you are typing. This is particularly useful when using formatting or adding formulas and programming code. You can use the buttons Hide Preview and Show Preview to toggle between hiding and showing the preview. 

If your browser window is not wide enough to show the preview, you are just shown the preview with an Edit button at the top right. Press the button to edit the text and press Done when you are done editing and want to see the preview again.

When you are editing the solution to the part, a preview for the solution is shown.

When you are defining feedback for the question, a working preview is shown with a Check answer button, in a similar way as the student see it. In this preview you can make the assignment and check the feedback.

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