Formatting text

You can easily format text in assignments. We use Markdown for this. Markdown is a very simple and intuitive way to indicate styles. Here are the basics.

  • Use an empty line to start a new paragraph. To add a line break, end the line with two spaces.
  • To make a text italic, put it between * symbols. To make it bold put it between **. 
  • Start a main heading with # and a space. Start a secondary heading with ##, a tertiary heading with ###, et cetera.
  • Start a block quote with > and a space.
  • For a bullet list, start lines with - and a space. For a numbered list start lines with 1., 2., etc.
  • Use --- to add a horizontal rule.
  • For a link use: [title](
  • Inline code is put between ` (back ticks). A block of code is put between triple back ticks: ```. If you want to use syntax highlighting in a particular programming language, put the name of the language after the first ```. For more information see the documentation on adding code.

Here is an example:

# Heading 1: Style
This is *italic*.

And this is **bold**.

## Heading 2: Block quote
 > This is a block quote.

### Heading 3: Lists
1. List item 1
2. List item 2
- List item 1
- List item 2
Goto [Quarterfall](

### Heading 4: Code
var a = 11;

The result will look as follows:

Adding Emoji

It is easy to add emoji to you texts. A huge collection of emoji's is available. To add an emoji add the name of the emoji between : symbols. So for example :smile:. The complete set of emoji can be found on the

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