Students overview

Students in Quarterfall ONE

In Quarterfall ONE, students do assignments by following the public link that each assignment has. As a teacher, simply copy this link, which is shown at the top of the assignment (when you view the list of questions) and give this to you students (or put it on some web page). The students can click on this link and can then do the assignment. When they are done they can inspect their answer. The answers are not sent to the teacher and we only store them temporarily. Students do get automatic feedback and can view a solution, when provided. Students do not need to register or sign-in to do assignments.

In Quarterfall this works rather different.

Enrolled students

This functionality is not available in Quarterfall ONE.

Each course can have a number of students that follow it. To see the students in the course, go to the course page and select the Students sub-page in the left panel. The page has two tabs. in the Enrolled Students tab you see all students currently enrolled in the course. This can be students that accepted your invitation, and students that you sent an assignment link and that started doing such an assignment. They are automatically enrolled in the course.

Click on Invite Student to invite students to follow the course. These students will appear in the Invited Students tab until they accepted the invitation at which moment they are moved to the Enrolled Students tab.

Once students are enrolled, as long as a course is "open", the students can make the assignments in the course. When the course is over you might want to archive the course. although this is not strictly necessary (as long as the course has an end date). At any moment the teacher can inspect reports for the progress of the students. For assignments that have grading, the teacher can assess their work.

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