Library overview

Sharing assignment and other course material can save teachers a lot of time. Hence, we strongly recommend that you share the content that you created. There are two different ways for this: sharing a course with individual other teachers, and sharing your course with everybody in the world, through the library. Here we describe the library.

Using courses from the library

The library can be found under Alternatively, you can use the library icon in the top bar. You can also access the library through the avatar menu in the top-right. The library contains a number of courses and collections of assignments. Click on the course or collection you are interested in to get a more extensive description of the course. If you want to use the course, or just a few module or assignments from it, press the button Add to your account. If you are logged in in Quarterfall, you are asked to reconfirm that you want to import the course. If you are not logged in, you must first login. A copy of the course is now added to your courses and you can inspect the content.


All course material in the library is provided under the Creative Commons CC-BY license. This means you can use and adapt the material in any way you like. So you are welcome to use just some assignments or modules from the course and change them to your needs. However, when you redistribute the material you must indicate the original creator, as indicated in the library.

Adding your courses to the library

We encourage you to add your own courses to the library. If you want to do so, please contact us through [email protected] We will then take a look at your course and, if it satisfied some basic quality criteria, we will add it to the library.

Future developments

We consider the library an important part of the Quarterfall platform an ecosystem. We want to promote open access and the library is key in this. In the coming months we will considerably extend the amount of content available, and we will also extend the functionality to e.g. make it possible to import individual assignment and modules, and to search for certain content.

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