The assessment tab for questions

When an assignment has grading, each question in it will have an Assessment tab, rather than a Feedback tab. Here you can set some properties of the assessment for this question and add assessment actions. For multiple choice questions you can indicate how they must be assessed. See the help on assessing multiple choice questions for this.

Assessment settings

Assessing a question will lead to a score between 0 and 100 (inclusive). These scores for the questions are then combined to the score for the assignment. Here you can indicate the following:

  • Weight. The relative weight for this question. Default all have weight 1. But if you want some questions to have more influence on the grade, you can change the weight. For example, to have one question count for 60% and the other for 40% set the weight of the first one to 3 and the weight of the second one to 2.
  • Granularity. This determines in what steps the score is computed. Default this is 1, so any score from 0-100 is possible. If you set it to 5 or 10, only multiples of that are allowed. And if you set it to 100, only scores 0 and 100 are possible.
  • Limit range to 0-100. When you compute scores automatically, they might end up being smaller than 0 or larger than 100. Default they are then brought back to this range. But you can switch this off. For example if you want to be able to give negative scores for questions or bonus scores.

Description of criteria

You can also give a description of the criteria used for assessment. This is shown to the teacher or TA when doing the assessment. You can use markdown here to e.g. make tables or insert images. You can even create a complete rubric here. This information is in particular useful when you have multiple TAs helping assess the answers and you want to make sure they use the same criteria.


To automate the assessment or to assist the manual assessment you can define actions here. You can use all the actions that are also available when generating feedback. However, there is no Check Answer button for the student and the feedback is not shown to them. Instead, the feedback is only shown to the person doing the manual assessment. The feedback is not put in the report for the student. So the student will only see the score and the grade and comments you add.

There is also a special Score action that can be used to automatically set the score based on a condition. Also the other actions can change the score. For more information, see the help on automatically assessing answers.

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