Grading page

For a course that has assignments with grading, in the left panel there is an item Grading. When you select this you are shown a list of all assignments in the course for which grading is enabled. For each of these items it is shown how many submission have been done by students and how many of these have been assessed and graded up to now. When there are still submissions to be assessed the Grading item in the left panel will get a red indicator showing how many submissions must still be assessed.

Note that, even when an assignment has all automatic assessment you must still assess them to approve the automatically computed scores and grade. The final control is always with the teacher.

After each assignment in the list there are two buttons:

  • View all grades. When you click on this you get a list of all submissions for this assignments with the score and grade. You can apply filters to this list and, in particular, you can export the list as a CSV file such that you can use it in a spreadsheet.
  • Grade submissions. Press this button to assess and grade the submissions for this assignment or approve them. For more information, see the help page on manual assessment.

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