Teacher accounts

To be able to use Quarterfall, you need a teacher account. 

Quarterfall ONE

Quarterfall ONE is the free version of Quarterfall. To register for a Quarterfall ONE account, go to https://one.quarterfall.com. Just type in your email address. If you do not have an account you are asked to provide your name and to accept the conditions. Press Continue. You are then mailed a temporary link to complete your registration. This brings you to your teacher dashboard.


You cannot create your own account for the commercial version of Quarterfall. Normally a school, institute or organization has a  license. The administrator of that license can add staff members to use the platform. Staff members can create courses and can then also add other teachers, TAs and students to their courses. Once you have been added to the platform you will be invited by email to create your account. Contact your organization administrator for this.

It is possible that you have an account at multiple organizations with the same email address. For example, at two departments that each have their own Quarterfall license. When you sign in you are viewing the same organization that you viewed last time. You can change the organization in the avatar menu at the top-right.


Students do not need to register themselves in Quarterfall

In Quarterfall ONE students do assignments by following the public links. We store no personal data about students and automatically delete their submissions after a while.

In the commercial version of Quarterfall students are invited to follow courses and do assignments. If you haven't used Quarterfall before and need to use Quarterfall to follow courses and do assignments, your school or teacher will invite you by email. Follow the link in the email and you will be asked to provide your name. After this you can sign in using your email. If you are a student at multiple organization (departments, institutes), you can change the organization in the avatar menu at the top-right to see the corresponding courses.

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