Manually assessing assignments

When an assignment has grading enabled one of the teacher or checkers mus assess the answers. For certain type of questions, like multiple choice questions or code questions this can be done largely automatically. But even in those cases the teacher must approve the final result. 

When students submit their work on such assignments, you will see this with a red indicator in the Grading item in the left panel of the course. In this case, click on Grading, pick one of the assignments where there are more submissions than graded submissions, and press the button Grade submissions.

You are now shown the report for the first submission. At the top you see the name of the student. You can use the buttons Previous submission and Next submission to navigate through the submissions. The reports look largely the same as the normal submission reports. But at the top-right you see the current grade and an Approve button. And below each question in the left panel you see the current score.

If you go to a particular question in the left panel, at the top there is a slider with which you can indicate the score for the question. You can also add a comment to justify your score. This is shown to the student. If assessment criteria were defined for this question, these are also shown. The initial score indicated is the score that is automatically computed using assessment actions. Also for multiple choice questions a score is always computed. You can though change this score. You can press Reset score to reset the score to the computed value. If there is no computed score the score is default set to 0.

Once you set the score for all questions, press the Approve button at the top right. The scores and grade are now fixed and can no longer be changed. They are now also visible to the student. You can though press the Unapprove button to reverse this action. After this you can change the scores again.

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