Assessing multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions can be graded completely automatically. To this end, go to the Assessment tab of the question. Here you can select the multiple choice assessment method.

Quarterfall supports multiple choice questions where the student can select just one answer, and questions where the student can select multiple answers. There are three different assessment methods.

  • Correct answer. In this case the student gets a score of 100 when the answer is completely correct and 0 otherwise. For questions with multiple answers, completely correct means that all correct answers are given, and none of the wrong answers.
  • Per answer. In this case you can indicate the score that is given for each correctly selected answer and the score for each wrongly selected answer. For example, when a multiple choice with four answers of which two are correct and two are wrong you can indicate that the student gets 50 points for each correct answer and -50 for each wrong answer. By indicating that score is limited to the range 0-100 (the default) you can avoid that the score becomes negative.
  • Score mapping. In this case for each possible answer choice you can indicate the score for selecting it and for not selecting it. So, for example, if the student can select a single answer and the first is perfect, the second is sort of ok, and the others are wrong, you can set selecting the first to 100, selecting the second the 50, and all the other values to 0. If you want to punish student for selecting certain wrong answer or for not selecting certain correct answers, you can give those negative scores.

These three options will normally give you everything you need. But if you want even more control you can add assessment actions that check the answer and compute the correct score.

Note that you test your settings at the right. Here you select a particular answer (or multiple) and then press Test Assessment. The computed score is shown. This also works when you add assessment actions.

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