Customizing analytics pages

This functionality is only available in Quarterfall PRO.

You can customize the analytics pages for your course by adding or removing analytics blocks, as well as change their size and ordering. To do this, go to the analytics page you'd like to change (course, module, assignment, or student).

If you want to add another analytics block, press the Add block button at the bottom, and choose one of the available blocks. Pick the empty block if you want to create a new analytics block from scratch. 

Each analytics block has a menu at the top-right (with the three dots). Here you have the following options:

  • Full width. If checked the block uses the full width of the window. Otherwise it uses half the width and two blocks can be shown next to each other.
  • Move up and Move down. Use these to change the order of the blocks.
  • Edit. You can edit the block. A block is defined by a piece of JavaScript code that you can change. Be careful though. Only edit blocks if you know what you are doing. For more information, see the help on editing analytics blocks.
  • Delete. Delete the block. (You can add it again later using the Add block button at the bottom.

Please note that if you change the analytics page for a particular module, assignment, or student, these changes apply to *all* module/assignment/student analytics pages in your course. 

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