Analytics overview

Quarterfall provides analytics of your course on four different levels: course, module, assignment, and student. Each of these levels provides different kinds of information, and you can fully customize the information that is shown on each page. 

You can view course analytics by clicking on the Analytics item in the overall course menu on the left. This page will show you generic analytics about your course overall, such as the number of submissions handed in by your students, or who the most active students are in your course.

If you want to see analytics for a specific module or specific assignment, go to the course content page, open the menu of the module or assignment you'd like to inspect and click on Analytics to go to the analytics page of that module or assignment.

Finally, each student also has their own analytics page. To view analytics for a particular student, go to the Students section of your course, locate the student you'd like to see analytics of, and select the analytics icon on the right.

Analytics blocks

On each of the analytics pages a number of analytics blocks are shown. You can though change these blocks and even add your own blocks. You can change the blocks for a particular course, or for all courses in the license. In both cases you can pick from standard blocks or you can create you own by writing a small piece of Javascript code.

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