There are two versions of Quarterfall. Quarterfall ONE is our free, personal version. It can be used by a single teacher to create assignments for students. Quarterfall is our commercial version that is meant for education institutes. It allows for multiple teachers and TAs to collaborate on courses, gives students access to the student dashboard, and allows for LMS integration. It also has more advanced analytics and branding options. For more information about the differences, see the help page on Quarterfall ONE.

Quarterfall ONE license

Quarterfall ONE is our free platform for individual teachers. To obtain a free teacher license for Quarterfall ONE, go to the Quarterfall website and click on Get Started for Free. You are then asked to provide your email address. If the email address is unknown, you are asked to provide you name and to accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Press Continue and you are sent a mail with a link to complete your registration.

Commercial Quarterfall license

Quarterfall is our commercial license. Normally a school, institute or organization obtains such a license. It can be used to create accounts for multiple teachers and can be used for multiple courses. A license administrator is appointed. He or she can add other teachers.

The price of Quarterfall depends on the number of student credits. Each time you enroll a student into one of your courses one credit is used. Also when a student does an assignment of a course, the student is enrolled in the course and a credit is used. A student is counted once per course (s)he is enrolled in. A basic licenses comes with 200 student credits but licenses with more credits are available. The larger the number of credits, the lower the price per credit. The credits are valid till the end of the subscription term.

If you run out of credits during the subscription term, you can continue to use the platform and enroll students. We will charge you for the overage at the end of the subscription term for an agreed fee. If you remove an enrolled student from your course who has not yet interacted with the assignments, the credit for that student enrollment is returned. So in particular, if you incidentally invited a wrong batch of students to your course, simply remove them again and the credits are returned.

If you want to obtain a paid license for Quarterfall, please contact us at [email protected], or directly contact your account manager, such that we can make you an offer. We can also provide certain custom integrations, like creating single sign-on from your student information system.

When your institute does not use a traditional course mechanism, we also have a pricing scheme available where the price depends on the number of students per year, rather than per course. Please contact us for details.

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