This functionality is not available in Quarterfall ONE.

When a student has made an assignment, the student submits it. At that moment the teacher can inspect it and give comments or a sticker. To see submissions, go to the Submissions sub-page by clicking on it in the left panel for the course. When there are assignments that require grading, you can assess those assignments in the Grading page.

You are now shown a list of all submissions. For each submission you can see the student, when it was submitted, what assignment and module it is, and the star rating, comment, and sticker you have given (if any). When you click on a submission you are shown the report of the submission, including the assignment, the answers, and the possibility to give a star rating, comment, and/or sticker. 


The number of submissions can become huge when there are many students and many assignments. So we have provided filters. To add further filters, press the Add filter button at the right. You can now select any combination of two types of filters:

  • Filter by assignment. A filter is added in which you can select for which assignments you want to see the submissions. You can start typing the name of an assignment to see the ones you can select. Use the drop-down menu to see all assignments and select the ones you want. In the list you can remove assignment by clicking on the X symbol. If there are more assignments than can be shown, there is a +XX indication. Click on it to also see the other assignments. Click the delete icon at the right to remove the filter. 
  • Filter by student. You can now select one or multiple student of which you want to see the submissions. 

You can also sort the submissions on most fields by clicking on the header of the corresponding column in the list. And you can also search for particular submissions using the search field.

Redoing assignments

Sometimes you might want to ask a student to redo the assignment. To this end, in the list of submissions, select the checkboxes of the submissions that you want to be redone. Now, at the top of the list you have two options. You can Reopen the assignments. The student must then redo it. His/her current answers are kept. The second option is the Delete the submissions. In this case also the student must redo it, but now the answers are erased.

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