Teams and course roles

When you are at a course page and select Team in the panel at the left, you can manage the team responsible for this course. This involves teachers, editors, and teaching assistants. 

Member roles

Members of the team can have one of the following roles:

  • Course administrator. The course administrator can do anything with respect to the course. In particular, he/she can create and change content, inspect and comment on assessments, add and remove users, change the settings, and archive or delete the course.
  • Course editor. A course editor can change the content of the course and the settings, but cannot do other actions.
  • Checker. A checker can view and comment on submissions of students. So he/she can access the Assessment page and the Users page (but cannot edit or add users). A checker can inspect the course content but cannot change it. 
  • Viewer. A viewer can only inspect the course contents, but do nothing else with respect to the course.

These is actually a fifth role: Student. But student are added in the Students section. Note that these are roles with respect to this particular course. For a different course the same person can have a different role. All users also have an organization role that determines some global capabilities. 

Adding members

To add members to the team, click the button Add Members. You can now provide a comma separated list of email addresses. Also you can indicate what their role is. If these members already have a Quarterfall account the course will be added to their account and they will get a notification. If not, an account will be created for them and an email is sent to ask them to complete that account.

Note that when you add members that do not have an account yet, they will get the organization role Other. When these are staff member of teachers, it would be better if the organization administrator would first add these as Staff or Student for the organization. The organization administrator can also change the organization role of users later. 

It is possible to make students in your organization course editor or checker. For this particular role they will have that capability but for the rest they will simply be treated as students.


At the top of the list you can filter the list using the different roles. So you can e.g. just show the checkers. Use the reset button at the right to show all members again. The list of members can be sorted on first name, last name, or email address, by clicking on the column headings.

Changing users

You can change the role of a member using the edit icon behind his name in the list. To delete members, Select them using the check boxes and then press the delete icon at the top. 

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