Course settings

On a course page, in the left panel, you can select Settings to change the course settings. The following setting can be changed.

General course settings

The following general settings are available:

  • Course title. The title of the course.
  • Course code. An optional code for the course. You can use this when searching for courses.
  • Description. A brief description of the course. This is shown to the students that follow the course.

Start and end date

For each course you can set a start and end date (and time). To this end click on these fields. You can now pick a date and, optionally, also set a time.

Students can only make assignments between the start and end date (and time). To be precise, the following happens:

  • When the start date lies in the future, the student sees the course card, but cannot yet click on it to see the contents. It is indicated when the course is available. Otherwise, the student can view the modules in the course.
  • When the end date lies in the past, the course becomes a past course. The students can only see the course when they check the check mark Past courses. It is indicated that the course is closed. In this case the student can view the modules and assignments, but no longer make them. When the end date lies in the future, the closing date is indicated to the student.

Note that you can also set start and end dates for individual modules.

Other settings

You can also indicate whether the course should be visible to all staff members. If you switch this on, all users of your Quarterfall license that belong to the staff can view the content of the course. (They cannot view the students or the submissions, and they cannot change anything.) This is often very useful for other staff member to learn from the work you have done. If you only want to give particular people the possibility to view the course, add them to the team and give them the Viewer role.

Finally, you have a button here to archive the course

Course sharing

You can share the content of your course with others, inside or outside your organization. To this end, press the Publish button. Your course now becomes available to anyone who you send the sharing code. If you no longer want to share your course, then click the Unpublish button in the bottom right. The current code will be immediately invalidated and can no longer be used to create a copy of your course's content. For more information, see the help on sharing and importing courses.

Course image

Each course has an image such that you and the students can easily recognize it. You can pick an image from the ones we provided or you can click the Custom image block to upload your own.

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