Assignments list

This information is not relevant if you do assignments through a direct link.

When you select a module to work on, you are shown a list of the assignments in the module. You can click on an assignment to do it or use the button Do next assignment at the top. You are recommended to do the assignments in the given order.

There can be mandatory and optional assignments. The mandatory assignments must be done to complete the module. Optional assignments can help you to practice more or can provide additional material. You can indicate whether or not to show the optional assignments. If you only show the mandatory assignment, the button Do Next Assignment will show you the next mandatory assignment.

Some assignments only consist of reading material (or videos or presentations to watch). Reading material is clearly indicated. There can be mandatory and optional reading material. Mandatory reading material must be read/watched to complete the module.

Assignments can have a difficulty setting, which is indicated with a number of stars. You are recommended to make the easier assignments before moving to the harder ones.

Once you complete an assignment this is indicated in the list. You can indicate whether or not to show the completed assignments. When you click on a completed assignment you can inspect your work, but you can no longer change it. (The teacher can reopen assignments if he/she determines you should do them again.)

When you complete all mandatory assignments, the module is completed and you can move to the next module. You can use the breadcrumbs at the top to move back the module overview and then pick the next module to work on. 


Some assignment will be graded by the teacher. This is indicated in the list of assignments. When you submit the assignment it is sent to the teacher for grading. Once it is graded you get a notification and the grade is shown in the list. You can also inspect the assignment to see the scores you got for the different questions and, possible, comments the teacher made. 


A teacher that has looked at your answer might give you a "sticker". This is meant as a quick indication whether the teacher thinks you answer is good, bad, or questionable. The sticker is shown in the assignment list.

Teacher comments

The teacher might provide some comments on your work. In this case, this is indicated in the assignment card. When you view the submission you will see a report, including the comments of the teacher. The comments might also include a global assessment of the quality of your answer in the form of a star rating (1-5 stars). 

When you get a sticker, comment, or rating, you will be sent a notification, which can be inspected by clicking on the bell icon at the top, or in your personal settings.

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