Content options

Wherever you include content, like images, video, or presentations, in your texts you can use the following global options:

  • size. Determines the display size of the content, and in particular the width. The following values are possible:
    • original. The original size of the content. (Default.)
    • small, medium, or large. 1/3, 1/2 or 1/1 of the width of the area.
    • a percentage, e.g. 25%. This percentage of the width is used.
    • a number, e.g. 256.This is used as the number of pixels in the width.
    • widthXheight, e.g. 200X300. In this case you specify the size precisely in pixels.

If the specified size is larger than the maximum width of the area, the maximum width is used.

  • shape. The shape of the area. This in particular determines the height, based on the size you specified. The following values are possible
    • original. Based on the type of content, in particular, keeping the original aspect ratio.
    • wide, square, or tall. A wide (landscape), square, or tall (portrait) area.
  • border. Whether or not the area should get a border. Possible values are true and false. Default is false.
  • position. Where the content is placed on the screen. Possible values are left, right, and center. Default is center.

Here is an example of displaying an image that is attached to the assignment:

label: flower
size: 40%
shape: original
border: true
position: left

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