Including tables

Wherever you provide text in Quarterfall it is easy to add a simple table. For this you use vertical pipes and horizontal dashes to sort of draw your table. Here is an example:

| Tables        | Are           | Cool  |
| ------------- |:-------------:| -----:|
| col 3 is      | right-aligned | $1600 |
| col 2 is      | centered      |   $12 |
| zebra stripes | are neat      |    $1 |

A table must have a header line. The next line separates the headers from the rest of of the columns. There must be at least three dashes separating each header line. If you don' want a header, you still need to provide a header line, but make the texts empty. It will then not be displayed. The leftmost and rightmost vertical pipes are optional. There is no need to make it line up pretty.

In the second line you can indicate with colons how to align the columns. A colon at the left is left-aligned (which is default). A colon at the right is right-aligned, and a colon both left and right is centered.

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