Including videos

You can include videos from various sources in your texts. Quarterfall supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. For example, to include a YouTube video you can write:

autoplay: true

This is built up as follows: 

  • The first line consists of three backquotes, followed by the type of video (youtube, vimeo, or dailymotion), to describe the type of block.
  • Next there is either the url that points to the video that must be shown in the block, or the id of the video (see below).
  • This can be followed by some options (see below).
  • And the block is ended by three backquotes.


The following options exist:

  • The default optionssizeshapeborder, and position.
  • autoplay. Whether to immediately start playing the video. Possible values are true and false. Default is false.
  • loop. Whether to loop the video at the end. Possible values are true and false. Default is false.
  • controls. Whether to show the controls for running the video. Possible values are true and false. Default is true. When false, the viewer cannot control the showing of the video. Note that Vimeo only supports this when you have a Plus account.


For YouTube as url you can simply use the url of the video page, that looks e.g. like Alternatively, you can press the Share button below the video and use the link there that looks like Instead of the url you can also use the id of the video, that is, the code at the end. So you can type:

id: vJG698U2Mvo


Vimeo is another video service. It is not free but has some advantages over YouTube. A typical url for a video on Vimeo looks like You can also use the id that is the number of the end. So you could use:

id: 372349574


DailyMotion is another popular video service. A link typically looks as follows: Sometimes it is followed by a playlist id. You can use that url to show the video, or you can use the id a the end (ignoring the playlist). So e.g.

id: x6a7ts0

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